Friday, September 16, 2016


Duncan Keith Jersey

Because he wanted to concentrate on the medical treatment of his surgically repaired knee, Duncan Keith took himself out of the World Cup of Hockey. And, Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman was okay and the decision of the defense.

"It is he, he was something that I felt would not be able to perform to the level that there is a need to such a tournament," Borman told to reporters on media day of the World Cup on Thursday. "Our work in that is to anything support - if he so's one you have to get the top of the ice, he did not feel that he can do it , you must respect it. "

Borman, speaking at the World Cup of Hockey media day on Thursday, Keith that has been selected for the last spring of team Canada, talked about. However, Keith choose to rehabbing continue right knee on August 24, opt out of the World Cup. Keith October last year, had received the surgery of the knee. Black Hawks, saying, issued a statement that day, "We are focused on it becomes strong, we believe that further in his best interests so as not to endanger the injury."

Keith is located on the Black Hawks' training camp roster, whether he is ready to participate immediately in the camp is unknown. Bowman is a team North American assistant GM during the World Cup, he was still said not to talk to Keith about it.

"But, he is doing better. I think that will tell time," said Bowman said. "I do not talk to him. We've been with this team here for the last few weeks. I have never heard any bad news in that regard. I us this tournament when you are back at the end of, I think we would be in one of the you get a better feel for those things. we will get some updated information on his performance. But , yea, we are he did not pressure you do not play. This is, more and more he seemed to feel, and that I was not going he just is it work for him I think that it was decided. "

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